SUN 18.08
Scène du Casino

The O’Reillys and The Paddyhats

The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats might have a complicated name but when it comes down to business their mission is clear. They will drag you from your everyday life straight onto the dancing floor. They want you to sing along while you take swigs of cold, dark beer and feel it running down your throat. They’ll have you addicted to their sound after visiting one of their concerts or just by listening to one of their albums in your car. Addicted to that raw energy, the passion and dedication The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats put into each single fiber of their music. After celebrating worldwide success with their song “Barrels of Whiskey” with over nine million views on YouTube and a tour that led them all over Europe (7x on the Wacken Open Air) they are far from finished. They again turned to the legendary Principal Studios (Die Toten Hosen, In Extremo, Broilers) to record their third studio album „Green Blood“ with a clear goal set in mind: Infect each and every one with green blood. Every person can have it and to be honest everyone should have it! This elixir is responsible for their seemingly endless amount of power, drive and enthusiasm. It is their unique blend of celtic and traditional tunes mixed with a raw rock sound that seems to create something entirely new even after bands like The Pogues and Flogging Molly have been around for so many years. Take your dose of “Green Blood”! Now! Oh, and about that complicated name… Paddyhats, just Paddyhats is perfectly fine!



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