FRI 16.08
Grande Scène

Henri PFR

Henri PFR, at only 22 years old, is the new little turntables prince! The young Belgian from Brussels imposed himself in just a few months and is now recognized as the new sensation of the French-speaking electro scene. Before learning to produce and mix, Henri PFR studied classical music, piano and music theory, then gradually became interested in electronic music. The YouTube channel 'La Belle Musique' opened doors, Henri PFR released his first mix-tape "Summer Memories" which attracted the attention of Armin Van Buuren's famous Armada label, with whom he signed his first two singles including "Tarida" . Henri PFR is a music lover and fine musician who produces powerful and effective melodies. He collaborates with the German producer Robin Schulz, for whom he remixed his title "Sugar". They will produce "Wave Goodbye" together, a piece present on the album of Robin Schulz. Henri PFR then released "One People", "Home" and in October 2016 "Until The End" on the prestigious Sony Music label which propelled it to the top of sales for several months and will be certified platinum. Henri PFR has millions of views on YouTube and his name is now featured prominently on the posters of major festivals. He is solicited around the world and continues to deliver, with spontaneity and his natural kindness, electro sets powerful and melodious.



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